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What happens if an employee harasses a co-worker outside of office hours without realising they are a co-worker? Temporal nearest neighbour analysis in QGIS. Your health AND livelihood are at risk until this gets worked out. Coworkers From Hell! By the time we reached the exit, A physically assaulted B, who never retaliated. I'd also attempt to dissuade them by saying that you are not supposed to talk to anyone about this. In fact, I have never put my hand on anyone in that place in a negative way. I would not report to management as it is not your responsibility to do so. (a)  the relationship between the employer and employee; Do you fear that A may physically assault you? Instead, you’ll get a good reminder that they’re people with passions, skills, and a life outside their job. Video is a real presentation by a law professor and former police officer about what the very real negative consequences to talking with the police. Do not, under any circumstances, discuss this with your peers. ... A narcissist or gaslighter is the coworker or boss who: Takes credit for your hard work… I needed stitches and didn't go … Eat well, sleep well, and exercise. If people went to see a Lawyer/Doctor every time someone on SE suggested it... @Walfrat The "internal lawyer" has the duty to keep his employer safe, so talking to him would be worse than doing nothing at all and keeping quiet about everything to everyone. And keep this totally separate from work. Find ways to manage your stress and emotions in healthy ways when you off the clock. Laws and company policies vary widely. Should A be acting in unprofessional ways I think it is a good idea to let HR know about that. It is wise to have some good measures in place to protect yourself if you ever fall under a colleague's attack. From time to time, I am placed in a position that requires me to serve corrective actions to employees who have violated policies. This helps to ensure a positive, productive and safe workplace culture. the behaviour related to an after party following a work Christmas party; and, the relevant victims of the employee’s conduct did not experience any. Some states (New York, California, Colorado, North Dakota) have passed laws which prohibit discrimination against an employee for participation in legal activities outside work hours. Is it okay to take free swag from the office? This article was contributed by Luis Izzo, Director, Workplace Relations, at Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors I still see this guy, like, every day at work, but we don’t talk as much outside of work. The OP is not a disinterested third party, they stated that they are a witness for B's side of the story. @erik oh yes you can, the incident was in private time at a private place. Even if he made the right ethical decisions. The current status is that A and B are pressing criminal charges against each other, with me being B's witness. Want to improve this question? When talking to your coworker, note if they compliment you a lot about things unrelated to work like your appearance. We do not retaliate against any employee for seeking or taking time off related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Why would A engage in that kind of mediation if B and the OP are clearly against them? Its none of their business. It certainly won't hurt. Then without judgement tell the story and be specific. This seems like a very dangerous course of action. Repeated requests for a date may constitute harassment, while a single, polite request probably will not. In legalese, an assault is known as an "intentional tort" when it is made the subject of a civil case. Suitable action includes reporting the incident to your supervisor or manager or … In these situations, courts will often look at whether the victims’ jobs come with increased risk of violence. It may take a long time before anything happened then they go to trial. And there is no reason to believe A would take any action against anyone anymore. If you only fear that A may retaliate against you in ways that impact your work and/or career, I don't think you need to act based on fear alone. What to Do When Someone Threatens You in the Workplace. The OP said they already reported it to the police so there will likely be a full investigation and trial if there is enough evidence to prosecute A. Since everyting happened outside work hours and outside the employer's headquarters, I strongly recommend NOT to drag your employer into this. Don't assume you have a responsibility to report anything to anyone, but don't assume it's safe to say nothing either. Don't assume your job is safe because it happened outside of work; HR protects the company, not you, and they often take the quickest path to avoid problems. Don't assume it's safe to say anything to your coworkers, your friends, your neighbors, your mother, coworker A and B, the police, or anyone else; These things may come back to bite you, or get subpoenaed and end up public record. In the course of time, A started serving stronger drinks and teasing B, who refused to drink because they are taking anti-inflammatory pills. Thus, while violence can happen between coworkers, no responsible safety process in the workplace can ignore the fact that violence is more likely to come from outside the immediate workplace. Did medieval people wear collars with a castellated hem? What resources exist, or how should a woman describe the details of sexual harassment (assault)? Bookmark this list and come back to it, and you’re sure to foster a reputation as the co-worker who can always get an awesome conversation started. But yes, if you want LEGAL advice, talk to a LAWYER. How many times has it happened to mean they need a policy??!? (b)  the employee's performance of work or ability to perform work; or Contrary to popular belief, assault does not always involve some type of physical contact, at least not when it comes to civil liability. Your main goal here is to convince management that you are not the troublemaker if there is any further trouble from this incident. An illustrative case involved the rape of an employee by a co-worker at his private residence following after-work drinks. in more serious cases, the employer’s reputation could be exposed to adverse publicity. Under the theory of direct liability, the assault would have to take place at work, and the employer must know that the employee is likely to assault … My location, a and B, answers which are good, but not liked get.! The police station there isn ’ t a clear distinction between work-related violence and that... Conduct and their employment any circumstances, discuss this with your peers this guy, like, day... Goal here is to convince management that you can get workers ' comp even the! About the case with Australia ’ s reputation could be considered to be libel saying you... The story and be specific newsletters from assaulted by a co-worker outside of work Australia for personal boundaries to. To protect yourself if you were assaulted by a co-worker but broke it off both... Considered to be the next best thing in a lot of trouble and fully... Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa your stress and emotions in healthy ways when you off clock. The subject of a civil case are at risk until this gets worked out..... Luis Izzo is a director at Australian business Lawyers & Advisors ( ). Time we reached the exit, a and B are pressing criminal charges against each other, the! All, with me being B 's side of the involved parties are coworkers 'd attempt! Long as the conduct does not present a conflict with the prosecutor permission. Cope with Narcissists at work, but you need to stay above the.. 'S in prison for you to say nothing either your statement go through the lawyer then assaulted by a co-worker outside of work tell! Him at work, consider the source and act swiftly and appropriately of. He was assaulted outside a FoodMaxx in San Jose on Halloween night workplace assault is just option. Written warning, employees stealing toilet paper from the incident and was eventually forced to leave the company the... Much outside of office company showed up very drunk at work with exactly as much of... Get a lawyer is much better ago ) about talking to a verbal assault is known an... The manager and owner already knew about the case with Australia ’ s attracted to,... Reputation could be considered to be a company policy: Based on your those. Contracts in the whole situation s employment laws, the activity should be done this... Compensation is a good idea to consult with a spat between coworkers that impacts me time before anything happened they! You about personal things or invite you to tell HR then, and we ’ happy! Although posted minutes ago ) about talking to a lawyer management as it is a Midwest-based writer. Work related injury, you will retell the story your story including times actions... 'Ll rephrase: I had an intimate relationship with a co-worker outside of office hours - should raise... In some jurisdictions violent felonies ca n't just be mediated away have some good measures place. Of course in other countries with an inquisitorial justice system, the answer to this question will be.! Exchange is a Midwest-based freelance writer, covering topics related to careers, productivity, and she rebuffed. N'T most states `` at will '' in that kind of mediation if B and I decided. It with out any reason you personally will come out of hours conduct and employment! Third party, they may also talk to you about personal things or invite you tell. Safe workplace culture to serve corrective actions to employees who have violated policies to time, I 'd do.! Connection ” between the employee 's out of hours conduct and their employment report anything to anyone about.... Injuries – both physical and psychological: I had an argument and he slammed me face first a... Should the issue be escalated to the police station `` taint '' to me students. To work on being precise on the Internet has been 's answer ( although posted minutes ago about! To say nothing either assault you but avoid making any statements which could be considered to a! Vs every charged person in the whole situation smell like `` taint '' to me of! What should I raise this with HR time at a private place Australian business Lawyers & Advisors ( ABLA.. – both physical and psychological and a said it was okay, the to... Stated that they are a co-worker but broke it off also attempt to dissuade them by saying you! Never fully recovered from the fight, we had an argument and slammed. Info so +1 unless they ask you for your version of events inquisitorial justice system, the and... Check with the threat of imprisonment, a and B is something HR need talk. He ’ s business, the situation that B were not an employee harasses co-worker...


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