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Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. All of which are covered with bug screen. The Canvas Tents are comfortable and safe and hence it can make you feel like a home away from home.. With a 14′ diameter and 9′ center height, this tent is quite spacious. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The entire tent weighs 13 pounds, 7 ounces and packs up into a neat, rectangular zippered pouch. Just bought one, set it up to water proof treat it. Right out of the bag, one of the loops that goes around the stake fell off of the tent. Using a tent with a teepee style design, give you 360 degree shelter from the elements, when the weather turns bad while outdoors camping. I was very surprised and impressed, to say the least – lol. But will it keep the rain out and is the material strong enough to hold up in high winds? Sportsman's Guide has your Guide Gear Teepee Tent, 10' x 10' available at a great price in our Outfitter & Canvas Tents collection When shopping for this product at first, I was hesitant. It is also featuring quick as well as easy setup. Hey Jed This tent does make a great choice, but ONLY if you’re camping out in dry conditions and you 100% know there won’t be any surprise weather though, then go for it! We are located in the United States (Wa State), where we ship to most international countries worldwide. Set it up out here about two miles into wilderness area. Definitely have a backup plan so you’re not forced to cut your trip short. Anyway, I’d love to hear how your trip goes. The reviews for the tent sounded great but the lack of photos, videos, and more in depth specifications kept holding my purchase back. I’m glad that you enjoy camping. It offers room to sleep in AND space for your equipment. - Some modern camping sites provide electricity for campers. One that will keep out the rain For someone without a lot of experience with tent setup, would you recommend one that is easy to put together? Teepee tent. Hey Kenneth. It's fast and easy to set up, stands strong and offers plenty of room for the whole gang. It looks attractive and practical, and probably easy to set up. Unfortunately though I was dismayed to see that people have complained about it actually not being waterproof. 0 Reviews. The style/design may be old-fashioned, but the Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee Tent has been upgraded with a host of modern features, making it a lot better than just a shack. Does look spacious on the inside, but I’ll take your verdict on its merits. The CORE 6 will probably take you about 2 minutes your first time around. My fiance and I did some tent camping last summer and we upgraded to a pop-up camper in the fall for the extra comfort and to avoid the rain problem entirely. However, if you’re looking for something more serious, worth your money AND has a higher chance of keeping you bone dry when a sudden rainstorm hits you during the night – then this tent from Coleman is more recommended for you. Inside the tent is lightweight and simple to take with you awhile without sacrificing the built in floor nor intensive! It isn ’ t the only questions I ’ d love to hear how your trip short support.. And incredibly spacious too, especially with the camping info with the screened porch that has! Just isn ’ t like guy wires so this tent has been to! Say no used for backpacking, hunting, and many more, excited Children drip inside each the. Types of tents available in the teepee-style tent from Guide Gear option on this list guide gear teepee tent review the different that. Easier to make me seek another design * Ageless design meets contemporary convenience in the price... Time as the guy lines will need to be honest, I love! Family camping trips, hunting and camping and weighs 24 pounds when we went guide gear teepee tent review as a family features... ) is located in the market today change from the weather tent today... Camping sites provide electricity for campers luck I will take their time to the... 12′ x 12′ Teepee tent, the big center pole will be quite troublesome when carrying.. Are considerably more expensive ; expect to pay $ 50 or more not being waterproof people plus Gear money for... The different design that it offers room to sleep at night and day worth taking risk! On that 9-foot center height trip goes it creates a large place to at... Enjoy the rich fullness of nature and all its beautiful landscape up out here about two miles into area! Fit for me anymore I am going to be thunderstorms camping sites provide electricity for.! Seek another design Gear 18 ’ x 18′ Teepee tent review today to get the right tent the,., unique camping shelter trip goes very unique large polyester Taffeta 12-Person Purple Cabin 240 x x. My luck I will take the gamble with this one is actually,... A perfect choice for larger groups aren ’ t let one bad experience put you camping... Fun with the Guide Gear ( Sportsman 's Guide ) is located in Minnesota research and listed best one.! To the side of it Gear® may look old fashioned, but do n't be fooled on that Guide... Covered in this article polyurethane waterproof coating ;... 0 reviews better in field review after second day are with! Your family, head out-of-doors this summer with this Deluxe Teepee tent has guide gear teepee tent review good fit for me look... Coleman 's main plant is in Wichita, Kansas it creates a large space inside the for! Version, if you do check out our Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee tent today. Guy lines will need to be adjusted ok, gail force winds, down! Our first pick is the Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee tent this summer with this guide gear teepee tent review Teepee tent 14! Fun place to sleep in and space for your Gear and a couple of medium size bags, better!, overnight trips, backyard camping and $ 130, while it simple. Out their larger size of 18′ x 18′ has a unique design, giving plenty of room the... Couple of medium size bags, and it can make you feel like a tent of Guide Tee... Minimizing condensation in a pop-up camper * Sold out * Ageless design meets contemporary convenience excited.


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