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Next Day delivery available! Planed All Round (PAR), also called Planed Sqaure Edge (PSE) timber, smooth finished timber, suitable for indoor projects and carpentry when a smooth finish is required. T: 01535 637755. We provide many options for planed / surfaced lumber such as Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Ponderosa Pine, Lodge Pole Pine and Blue Pine. An excellent selection of some of the most beautiful woods in the world. Slabs over 24″ wide can easily be finished with a belt sander by our customers giving it the same beautiful smooth finish. Talk the Talk 4/4 - spoken you would say Four Quarters. The plank is essentially a slice out of a tree with the bark still on, very roughly 4"x24"x50" in size. If you are building custom furniture, cabinetry, or working on a boat we have the right woods for you too. Rely on our expertise and extensive product knowledge to turn rough lumber into a beautifully milled finished product. Overlap Fencing Components . 01889 279018 Client Support. Sawn & Planed Hardwoods (Inc. Ash, Oak, Cherry, Maple & Walnut) Hardwood Waney Edged Boards (3) Hardwood Mouldings Suppliers (5) Oak Mantlepiece Suppliers (1) Pellet Suppliers (22) Planed Hardwood Suppliers (57) Sawn Hardwood Suppliers (Inc. Ash, Oak, Cherry etc) (21) Wood Turning & Carving Hardwood Blank Suppliers (57) Tools need to kept sharp when working to ensure a good finish. Adding a barn board accent can elevate a room's decor and be easily sanded and refinished when needed. We have a variety of salvaged antique wood in stock, including wallboard and wainscot. The services at, The Woodery Lumber Co., may come as a surprise to anyone that is new to woodworking. Windows. This custom millwork will bring the highest level of craftsmanship to your project, and allow you to finish the piece yourself. You are sure to find all your building needs here … Close this message. Planed timber to your sizes in the wood of your choice. enquiries@iwood.co.uk. Slabs over 24″ wide can easily be … The width and thicknesses shown are the overall finished sizes of the product. Excellence comes naturally. Charcuterie boards for sale, walnut or cherry. Crosscut Hardwoods offers a full line of Domestic, Exotic and Figured Hardwoods. .

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