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Besisahar (Lamjung), February 6 Tourists visiting Ghalegaon, a model village of the country will now have to follow a code of conduct. An ethical treatment of the environment There are four areas of concern in the ethical pursuit of tourism. Code of Conduct Trade associations are perfectly lawful organizations. The Code of Conduct: sets out the professional standards required by ITPN as a condition of membership; applies to all members, irrespective of their membership grade, the role they fulfil, or the jurisdiction where they are employed or discharge their contractual obligations. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES - This code is a guideline of conduct to enable the Indian travel and tourism … WWF s Code of conduct The file includes 10 principles for Mediterranean Tourism, WWF s codes of conduct for Mediterranean tourists, measures for tourists, WWF s codes of conduct for industry (tour operators- hotels- airlines), measures for tour operators-hotels-airlines, WWF recommendations for local authorities and measures for local authorities. Too often, tourism development is planned without consideration of the local environment's or community's needs and characteristics. There were numerous indications, however, that many tourists continue to ignore the first item on the 10-point Code of Conduct: “Use designated camping areas.” At Haukland, a popular white sand beach not far from Leknes, a large sign in both Norwegian and English clearly reads “No camping,” yet tents were set up all around it. demand from travellers for safe and secure tourism services increases, this code will assist signatories to build capacities among their services chains and personnel so as to be able to respond to this demand. governs the conduct of the individual as a Tourism Practitioner However, since a trade association is, by definition, an organization of competitors, Open Connectivity for Tourism (OCTo) members must take precautions to ensure that we do not engage in activities which can be interpreted as violating anti-trust or other unfair competition laws. He says there's no evidence to suggest codes of conduct actually work, pointing out that many tourists won't even be aware of them in the first instance. Encourage tourism activities to be undertaken with respect for basic rights like dignity, safety and freedom from exploitation of both tourists and local residents i.e people and communities who may be impacted by tourism in some way. This code is a guideline of conduct to enable the Indian travel and tourism industry to: 1. The Ghalegaon tourism


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