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Chengal Wood Decking Alternatives These days, mature Chengal wood, such as those from a 80-year old tree has become scarce, and prized at a premium. Compared to other wood materials, Chengal seems to stand out hence preferred by most Singaporeans. Balau are cheaper than composite wood. Chengal cost probably $3 – 5 psf more than the composite wood. The 3 most common decking material alternatives to Chengal wood in Malaysia today are engineered wood, wood … Decks made from Chengal wood appear sturdy and elegant because of the strength of this particular wood. Timber suitable for heavy wood construction etc Decking, Flooring, Staircase, Window Frame, Door Frame, Boat Structure and Frame. balau-chengal-mahogany-meranti-merbau-Raintree-sepetir-Teak-Tembusu Wood Slab Live Edge Tables in Selangor.☎ +60123456406 Dining, Coffee, Bar Table, Console Table, Tv Table Chair Retailer … The durability of Chengal wood … Chengal and Balau Species Raw Timber sawn to custom sizes. As such, other timber alternatives have gained popularity. … One thing to beware is that many companies tell you they use Chengal wood but for the structure underneath and base of the decking they uses Balau wood to hold the Chengal wood … Chengal wood decks will rarely need regular replacements as long as they are properly cared for.


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