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For the safety of the client, team members, and staffs we do not accept any climbers who do not any previous climbing experiences. +977 01 4419265, Fax: +977 01 The commercial guides had attempted to reduce the danger by placing fixed lines across the slots, but few people used them, guides included. experience as us. The expeditions will only be possible so long as we take care of the mountains and surrounding areas. It was absolutely mind-boggling, beyond anything I had expected based on my previous expeditions—and, per other guides, typical for Manaslu. Starting in Kathmandu, we hold the expedition briefing for the team members, complete the necessary paperwork and preparations. Trek to Jagat (1350m-4429ft) or Salleri (1353m-4438ft). After photos that depicted 300 people on a single fixed line on the south face of Everest, and now this tragedy, it should be apparent that large commercial groups are pushing the limits of the game to unrealistic levels. We are the number 1 most In 2010, I attempted Manaslu with four team members. guiding and support services in Nepal, while also being legally responsible He told us how the entire face (the same one that avalanched in the recent disaster) had slid as he climbed down. My team retreated back to the rest stop and hashed it out. Taking on the challenge of ascending an eight-thousander, you need to have someone to guide you. The first successful Manaslu expedition was in 1956 and the ascent was made by T. Imanishi (Japan) and Gyalzen Norbu (Sherpa). For commercial guides, this is doubly true. Our rigorous coverage helps spark important debates about wellness and travel and adventure, and it provides readers an accessible gateway to new outdoor passions. Despite the fact that there are six different routes to climb Manaslu Mountain, there’s one route, i.e. It is rare for a company to make the tough call to turn back by itself. You are now subscribed to Dispatch The peak has camps where, even if a storm blows in, a climber can retreat and wait things out safely. At 8,163 metres, climbing Manaslu is about as technical and challenging as Cho Oyu (8,188 metres) and Shisapangma (8,027 metres) and is a good climb before attempting a serious technical 8,000-metre mountain. This, in turn, places enormous pressure on guides to let clients climb, compounding the problem. There is no better assistance than our accomplished climbing Sherpas. Like Cho Oyu, it’s a good mountain to test extreme high altitude climbing in Nepal, before taking on the Everest challenge. We researched the peak, decided to make our climb, and prayed for good weather. Manaslu Expedition is also considered to be a must and essential 8000M peak to climb before taking on other 8000M+ higher peaks like Mt. I'm not trying to Monday-morning quarterback or assign blame. Additionally, it is a little more varied than Cho Oyu in terms of routes. You can either fill in a contact form or write to our travel experts directly. PO Box 3885, On summit day, you can expect a sequence of plateaus and moderate slopes on the route, leading up to a steep crest. The sound in base camp was as if we had pitched our tents in the middle of Denver International Airport. Region - Nepal. 2010s. If one group in base camp decides to move up the mountain, any success generally means the other teams go too. Still, these rare guides understand that there is a great difference between mad clients and dead clients. Manaslu’s history is peppered with no less than 32 avalanche fatalities, including five Koreans who died in 1972 and two Americans who perished in a slide in 1990. However, as history would dictate, short is not the same thing as safe. info[at], Summiting the 8th highest mountain in the world, Traditional culture of Gurung and Bhotia people, Airport transfer to hotel and welcome dinner, All necessary climbing and trekking permits, Experienced expedition leader and base camp manager, Transport to Arughat and helicopter from Sama gaon, All meals and accommodation during trek to base camp and return, Porter service to carry personal gear to base camp, Fully serviced powered base camp (including personal tent, heated dining tent and communication tent), All meals/snacks and hot showers during expedition, 2-way radio system for all guides to communicate between camps, Team of Sherpa climbing guides to set up and stock all higher camps, Sherpa guides to carry personal gear to higher camps, Maximum oxygen allowance with the Summit delivery system (allows multiple summit attempts), Extensive high altitude wilderness first aid kit, All other charges for route fixing and expedition duffels, International flights to Kathmandu and tourist visa fees, Meals in Kathmandu (plan USD 10-15 per meal), Aerated and alcoholic beverages during trek and expedition, Personal items (e.g. The path was made up of rock-hard ice, but the ground to either side was another story: no sooner had I stepped off the beaten path than I found myself in armpit-deep mush. We were in a complete whiteout, and while I knew the cliff was above us, we stopped there to have a quick bite and a drink. Everest, Cho-Oyu, Annapurna or peaks in Karakoram region. Thanks to few technical sections and diverse surroundings, the Manaslu Expedition provides an unforgettable experience. Climbers take risks, but this was a seriously active icefall with crashes almost by the day. No other company has as much Help fund our award-winning journalism with a contribution today. If he says go, you go; if he walks through the crevasse field unroped, you do too. Seracs fall, and if the slopes they fall on are loaded with enormous amounts of warm, heavy snow, they will avalanche. As such, Nepali That is why, at Asian Trekking, we are dedicated to protect the natural environment of the Himalayan region. (2035), no foreign expedition teams or companies are allowed to But look at Manaslu and its history, and you'll find that it is not a great alternative to the normal guided peaks. The peak itself is short by Himalayan standards, sitting off one of the more popular trekking routes. After the guides has twisted his arm, there was absolutely no talking him out of it. When it was closed off, the guide company talked him into Manaslu as a "great alternative." If shit hits the fan, as it did when one climber fell into a crevasse, it takes time to organize and manage a rescue. It was an act of God, but one that was manufactured into a disaster by human action. Weekly supply of fresh vegetables, meat and fruits to, Hotel accommodation for 8 nights in 5-star hotel in, Helicopter flight Kathmandu/Lukla/Namche/, Private kitchen with professional and trained, Personal base camp dining tent, equipped with. Standing as a relatively isolated 8000m peak in Nepal’s central mountain region, Manaslu is the world’s 8th highest mountain (8156m). You have a fair chance of reaching the summit, taking into account the success rates of Manaslu ascents. We will be happy to help you and answer any questions! We walked a short way to find the 300-meter-wide debris pile, which had slid from the top of the slope. phone calls, laundry, internet, battery charging), Travel insurance (including early departure and mountain search/rescue). The Manaslu expedition can be done as a true sea to summit adventure by starting from the village of Arughat, which at an altitude of only 530m is subtropical! work through a Nepali company licensed by the Ministry of The northeast face is a straight climb from the camp to the peak. High altitude atmosphere conditions should be taken seriously, even if Manaslu is one of the easiest 8,000-metre peaks. The herd mentality I've mentioned affects everyone, including non-commercial climbers. Even with the company pushing us to do another climb to preserve its income, we were present enough to realize that we hadn't researched or prepared for a different peak. The remainder of the route is relatively straight forward, with increasing steep sections from Camp 3 to the summit. The guide rules, no matter what. We also have previous clients who are available to provide testimonials about their experience with Himalayan Ascent - please contact us for more information:, Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal We climbed over it, an act that in retrospect makes me question my own intelligence as a mountaineer. Next, there is a drive to Arughat Bazar, from where the first trek of the expedition begins. We left Manaslu with our tails between our legs; we had climbed and skied some of the greatest peaks in the world, and this "easy" mountain had proved to be well beyond our comfort level. We will not share your email with anyone for any reason. Climbing Manaslu is a largely non-technical climb when compared to other 8000m peaks. Further cementing our choice, the clouds cleared a bit, and it became painfully obvious that there really were no bomber camp spots below the massive 200-foot ice cliff that loomed above us. During our Eco Everest Expeditions, we have cleaned thousands of kilograms of rubbish. through foreign expedition companies naturally makes the cost to the customer The top was closer than the bottom, so I ran up as quickly as I could to get out of what I was rapidly realizing was a seriously dangerous zone, dreading the fact that I would have to go down it to get back to Camp 1. But not all guides have this level of experience, hence the mass ascents we're seeing on Himalayan peaks. Our logistics company offered an alternative peak in lieu of the mix-up, but we had come prepared for a specific objective. There is a Buddhist monastery there, as well. But what they fail to appreciate is the mental strain that this puts on climbers. A solo fall would have resulted in a climber disappearing forever; there were simply too many of the seemingly bottomless black holes. If we can't respect that, we shouldn't climb them. Manaslu Expedition. Climbers can come and go as they want with little danger to think about other than altitude, which can be mitigated with supplemental oxygen. If you are looking for a peak of a similar technical difficulty as Cho Oyu, Manaslu is the ultimate choice. Historically, it has been an avalanche chute. The company’s environmental initiatives have been widely recognized and awarded many times. The first photographs of Manaslu Mountain were obtained only in 1950 by British expedition team. We invite you to climb and protect the nature with us. However, this doesn’t mean that the route is simple to climb upon. Under ideal conditions, the peak can be easily climbed, and has seen approximately 300 summits over the course of its history, making it the fifth most climbed eight-thousander; however, it has a death rate of just over 35 percent relative to summits. 4426947 For one, it follows the Budhi Gandaki river. My initial reaction was to wonder what the ice cliff some 3,000 feet above us looked like from there. Manaslu doesn't have the high number of guides and Sherpas that commonly-guided peaks like Everest do. For more information and advice, click the “Ask for details” button in the top left corner. expedition since 1982, including 286 climbing expeditions on Mt. The expedition includes quite long treks and climbs. After climbing and skiing on some 40 of the world's major 6,000-, 7,000-, and 8,000-meter peaks, this is the only mountain I could not recommend to anyone: it is avalanche central. The predicted trip time is 47 days. Grade - Extreme. Duration - 40 Days . Japanese surveyed for climbing in 1952. Mount Manaslu is an excellent choice if you consider climbing an accessible eight-thousander. Max Altitude - 8163 m / 26,763 ft. Best Season - Sep-Oct. Trekking, Mountaineering Expedition, Adventure Holidays in Nepal – Himalayan Ascent, We also have previous clients who are available to provide testimonials about their experience with Himalayan Ascent - please contact us for more information: sumit[at]


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