keytrak rivets
Available in both black and white colours. Set by png the mandrel head into the rivet body, expanding the rivet body and causing it to flare against the reverse side. Can be used in a round or square hole. Reusable work order holders protect service documents and hang from the antenna or side mirrors. Available for a range of hole diameters and panel thicknesses. The tubular component is inserted from one side, and the rivet itself is inserted from the opposite side. These fir tree or barbed rivets have a ribbed design that ensures a fast and easy installation while securely holding into various materials such as wood, metal, foam, rubber and plastic. ... KeyTrak was the first company to use a computerized drawer to safeguard and track keys and assets, and develop unique software by industry. They have an integrated spring that provides continuous pressure to the heat sink until the thermal adhesive cures. This nylon rivet allows you to easily attach keys to different key tags – no tools required. The legs fold out to .73 mm wide. Please login or reload page to continue. Flat, push/pull knob head lets river snap in and out of hole up to 25 times. Quantity Calculate. needed. Shipping is included in the price! Eyelet — A metal ring that’s used along with a rivet stem and washer (both terms defined below) to attach keys to key tags. Sutter's Mill Specialties has you covered with the service accessories you need to add the finishing touches and wow your clients. Shipping is included in the price! UL94 V-2 rated Nylon, These push in rivets provide an inexpensive, fast way to fasten object together. This durable, vinyl tag bag plate holder is perfect for test drives and won’t damage the vehicle finish. For large volumes and customised products, add to your cart and click request a quote, or email and we will respond within 1 working day. The KeyTrak system streamlines operations, increases productivity, and reduces the … Installed with a pop rivet installation tool (not currently offered by Essentra). The legs provide compression and expansion to lock the rivet into a pre-punched hole. Unfortunately your session was timed-out due to inactivity. Easily pushed in by hand. When pushed into a hole, the flexible ribs deflect then spring back to lock securely in place. Use square hole mounting for anti-rotaion applications. This nylon rivet allows you to easily attach keys to different key tags – no tools required. The Push Rivet Tool is used to install plastic drive style rivets. Cookie consent - by continuing to browse or by clicking ‘Accept’, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance your site experience and for analytical purposes. Available in 12 or 18 pockets, this high-quality steel repair order rack mounts easily to the wall. $0.27 i. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is, © 2020 Ecommerce software by Sutter's Mill Specialties. Commonly used to fix connector's to printed circuit boards. The tool has changeable nosepieces— use the nosepiece that matches your rivet's diameter. $341.94 Deluxe Night Drop Box 0104-001-00 This Deluxe Night Drop Lock Box gives customers a safe place to leave their keys when dropping off vehicles before or after hours. As the pin is inserted into the grommet, the legs expand, locking it in place. Support Our highly trained group of support representatives is available to provide software phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 4 different styles in a UL94 V-2 rated Nylon 6/6. 2 piece mate rivets are non-structural fastening rivets for extra-long grip applications. Easily inserted by hand. Tapered point of part helps guide into panel. Buttonhead ios suitable for the front of panels. Rivets are essential for securely attaching keys to key tags, and Sutter’s Mill Specialties has what you need with these Two Piece Nylon Rivets for KeyTrak key tag systems. Please provide information about your shipment to estimate the shipping cost. UL94 V-2 or UL94 V-0 material and also in Heat Stabilized material. When sufficient force is applied, the mandrel will snap at its break point. Square hole prevents rotation. They may also be used as a hole plug or as push-in bumpers. To install 2 piece rivets, access to both sides of the work piece is required. Always have water on hand with multiple cases of purified drinking water in convenient small bottles. Available in black and natural. Ordering supplies (key tags, rivets, zip ties, washers, etc.) To learn more about how we use the cookies, please see our cookie policy. © 2020 Ecommerce software by Sutter's Mill Specialties, Two Piece Nylon Rivet for KeyTrak Systems. Simply push the head in and the grommet expands to hold it in place. Quickly and easily secure license plates with these ¾” metric pan head screws. Many styles avaiable for a variety of hole sizes and panel thicknesses. Allow blind side fixing. Easily pushed in by hand. Countersunk design for flush surface. Two Piece Nylon Rivet for KeyTrak Systems I-RIVET-NYLON This nylon rivet allows you to easily attach keys to different key tags – no tools required. For applications that require quick assembly and disassembly. Available in over 100 sizes and styles for different hole diameters and panel thicknesses. Available in black or white. Place the rivet in the material and squeeze the handles. Visit our 'How to choose your plastic rivets guide' for more information. The HSR-2 has a cross molded in allowing it to be installed by using a phillips head screwdriver. Quickly and easily secure license plates with these ¾” hex slot head screws. Push-in rivets typically require no tools for installation; they fit easily with a push. How about a work order holder or repair order rack? Pushing the pin into the rivet body causes the legs to expand and grip the material. Stock up on bottled water for your customers with multiple cases of purified drinking water. Simply position the rivet tool over the stem of the rivet and push down. With the focus on vehicle service paperwork and tagging, there are some items that can get overlooked, but are essential in the operation of a successful service center. Ensures a quick and accurate application of rivets to fix multiple panels together. Fasten a heat sink to a processor chip on a PCB. They can be removed from the underside of the board, Pre-Installed pin for easy finger pressure installation. Securely attach temporary license plates with this sturdy magnetic license plate holder. $341.94 i. Click 2 rivets together to have 1 complete connection ready! Quarter Turn Panel Fasteners provide a fast and removable panel joining solution and can be installed using a flat screwdriver. • If you are converting from an old KeyTrak system, 2-3 days before the install date we will deliver your new KeyLink SmartTags, rivets, and temporary key-holding envelopes, so that you can transfer your keys over to their new tags beforehand . Accomodates countersunk hole specification DIN ISO 7721. Natural and Black colours available. Flat, beveled head eases assembly and disassembly. This durable, reusable quick change plate holder is a must-have for test drives.


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