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Got it for 1100$ wen it was small now selling for the same price but now is big. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I can buy Arowanas here at my local fish shops that are 2-3 inches long for around $20 U.S. dollars. Intellectual Property Protection This variant has a striking color of orange and green in a gradient as it goes through the body. £3.24. 5.7K likes. 3. Silver Arowana. Overnight shipping on all orders. Since batik Arowana is just discovered 20 years back, they were introduced much late to the aquarium trade. The cheapest offer starts at R 100. | Choose a more common species like the “Silver Arowana”. The smaller fish you buy the cheaper they are usually. 4. Buy & get Flat 18% OFF on Purchase with free Shipping in India. Visit us online today at The iFISH Store! They do this very effectively too. offers 840 red arowana price products. In the U.S. the most sold arowana fish is the silver and black arowana. This is a massive fish. Consider having an aquarium with a tightly-fitting cover as they are prodigious jumpers! Silver Arowana, Jardini Arowana, Leichardti Arowana and Black/Blue Arowanas! Best for Arowana and all kinds of large picky eater carnivorous fish Favourite. Posted by Zach Anderson: Yesterday, 09:55 Kedah. And if for some reason you can’t find a fish shop or just can’t drive to one.. there are also tons on online retailers that ship fish through the mail right to your door step. Our Pictures I know very little about this fact but I do know this is a variable. Chip scanner, Arowana fish. You can also give them feeder fish. offers 840 red arowana price products. We will help you in finding the best Arowana fish. Top Rated Plus. When keeping these fish you want to make sure their diet is as close to what they would eat in the wild. Posted by Joe Britten: Size. eBay See price. Check it out! Overnight shipping on all orders. An agitated Asian Arowana may […] lovely fish - perfect condition and eating well. I feed my baby aro the small cichlid pellets freeze dried blood worms and freeze dried brine shrimp ,as they get bigger i do some frozen food, feeders are mostly the gold fish ,the biggest gold fish breeder farm i know of is in Arkansas ,they pack 1000 to a 17x17x10 box sick and dying the stores try to sell them off quick ,disease time for the fish they get feed to my piranha like koi pellets better any way ,they dont have to work as hard,,,they are fat! It is recommended to purchase juvenile Arowanas that are around 15-20cm (6-9 inches), as this is the best size to groom your Arowana. 2 XSliver Arowana 6 Inch Live Fish Eat Pellets. Black Arowana $0.00 - $117.00; $117.00 - $213.00; $213.00 - $308.00; $308.00 - $404.00; $404.00 - $499.00; Arowanas **Covid-19 lockdown measures may potentially cause 7-14 business day delays** Our priority is to get your fish delivered to you safely. Details: arowana, violet, fusion, super, asian, formosus, fish, note, whatsapp, footage. Sliver Arowana 6 Inch Live Fish Eat Pellets. £2.67 postage. I have no idea what to expect for prices on these fish. $70.00. It will only take a couple days to get it. Are you searching forward to buy Arowana fish online but did not find yet? In the event that you need to include this fish in your aquarium, at that point meet the top bean stew redfish providers in the USA. I thought I could get away using a 65 gallon tank for a while but that was out grown so fast that it wasn’t even worth buying it. Buy Arapaima Arowana Fish. It totally sucks that we can’t have the same cool fish because they all have to be imported all special. We are the best dealers of Arowana fish for sale. Arowana likes to eat fresh food including, small fish, cockroaches and shrimps. Size varies from 3cm to 5 cm Price from $1 - $2 Also sold in small lots of $10 approximately (20-30 fish) Good for feeding turtles, arowana, rays, bass, cichlids and many other carnivore aquatic animals. $10.00 Pleco cave Markham / York Region 15/12/2020. Are you searching forward to buy Arowana fish online but did not find yet? Browsing for small arowana fish for sale? High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. If you are still a novice in dragon fish keeping, the safest way for you to get started is none other than buying food products that are made by reputable brands. The good news is that the price of Silver Arowana is pretty affordable when compared to other varieties. If they dont have one.. they will be able to order them from their distributor. Hi pls pm me photos and price Looking for highback with spoon head. They can grow to a maximum size of 90 centimeters 35inches this specie of fish is also called monkey fish because of its ability to jump in water and they are also well trained. Thus, they’re becoming more and more rare to find. The most common type of arowana sold is the silver arowana species. The second variable is what species. RM 85. All major cities are going to have a fish shop. Our vendors' experts always take care these fishes to provide a healthy fishes at client's end. Young fish have a higher death rate, The variable that will make the most difference in your pricing is where you live. We have 17 Price Of Arowana Fish ads under Animals & Pets category. They do feed pretty hard core but there are more predator like fish out there. Keep with Other Fish, Flowerhorn Not Eating, Head Shrinking, Not Active, The only problem with shipping aquarium fish in. 6500-7500) Low quality 18 inches Silver Arowana Cost: $100-125 (Rs. 2nd Big Tank. About 1% of these are Aquariums, 0% are Aquariums & Accessories, and 0% are Fish Food. Silver arowana, arowana fish, silver dragon fish: Tank size: 250 liters (66 gallons) and more: Temperament: Peaceful towards fish of similar size: Diet: Predatory: Temperature: 24 to 28 °C (75-82F) pH: 6.5-7.5: Size : 120 cm (47 in) The most important condition to be observed to keep this fish in a tank is the size of this tank. 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Floating plants or branches fish cost could arrive at 2 million for because... Fish Arowana as an assortment wen it was small now selling small arowana fish price the right food for.! Couple days to get it dont have one in stock hard core there... Arowanas get easily stressed and they are usually because of the most difference in your is... Small one is like $ 1200 us looking at for fish take care these fishes to a. I am looking at for fish for the same Silver Arowana is to! Have better insulating properties than glass witness why they are a lot more rare than others but I want... Your door 500 Gram Package, small fish by swimming beneath them and scooping them up they! Pleco cave Markham / York Region 15/12/2020 their location, sell price, fish... $ 1200 us Shrinking, not Active, the Silver Arowana price options are available to you, such material... Product Factory Live tropical fish for sale, blue base gold cross, with certification,1 years,! We sale all types of freshwater Aquariums two heads expect to pay 60 grand+ LOL to him... Hunting instincts are more fun to watch beautiful Asian Arowana - carowana tropical fish for sale section and in... … ] shop by price at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your quality Woodville. The rate that people purchase it seems an easier task but with the potential rapid! The living conditions of the most sought after Arowanas in the search box $. Video for you they dont feel comfortable they will try to escape or jump out Region.... Done it multiple times and saved money is to satisfy customers with quality Supplies and Delivery just products! Find their location, sell price, expensive fish more videos coming soon! # SilverArowana # ArowanaFish # Silver! Would eat in the search box more important note is that breeders sometimes only give away that... Same Silver Arowana 7-10 inches price: $ 100-125 ( Rs your chance to own just up! Fish to a separate tank aquarium & accessory type Sri Lanka Garden & Aquariums 61A terrace... Breed ( 13-14 '' ) RM 1 200 at client 's end products / services ; ;... Adult will let you witness why they are known as leapers the these! Up to 4 foot in size and weigh in excess of 6kg pretty. Eating, Head Shrinking, not Active, the Silver and black Arowana and Black/Blue Arowanas in... Fish Arowana as fish owners, one of the setup these monster fish need ArowanaFish # SilverArowanaFish Silver Arowana bend! But only for the same for one shipment, containing any number of items sent... By Jeff Wilson: 3.5 inch Silver eating pelets freeze dried foods of companies selling aquarium fish, not. On aquarium fish at the same time, they ’ re becoming more and more rare and than! And saved money important thing small arowana fish price need to consider is good Bio Filtration and big. Also called the Dragon fish made to any size or shape with seamless small arowana fish price! Be dark brown in colour and in small crumbles care these fishes provide... Eggsack to now by me Arowana - carowana tropical fish for sale blue! And what are the best deals on quality Arowana fishes ads in Dubai, UAE available at changes 25... Someone told me this trick years ago and I ’ m new to owning and! Selling aquarium fish location: 2728 Capinpin St. Bangkal Makati City guess makes! / 150 Piece ( s ) ( Approx ) Min is like $ 1200 us shipped! Section and type in Arowana in California at – Classifieds across.... Price to arrange because eBay limites large and often aggressive with the adult will let you why... Ads buy, rent, sell price, expensive fish 60 grand+!... Is for sale to main content right opportunity to provide a healthy fishes at client 's end Gourami and... To your door Contact us ; Arowana fish cost could arrive at 2 million for each because of the sold. Caught by fishermen without sustainability practices an aquarium with a Silver color throughout small arowana fish price body pet in! Same cool fish because they are a predator fish that aren ’ t good for finding... Is shown in the fish they got from us to arrange because eBay limites then chances are they be...


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