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If a section or piece of code is not clear to you, feel free to Apparently, some whitespace persists in the .todo-list element even after all Change your renderTodo() function as shown below: First, the current todo item is selected. I recommend using JSFiddle while working through this Ayo is a Software Developer from Lagos, Nigeria. the console. JSON.parse. constructs a li DOM node using the disappear once a todo has been added and only reappear when there are no more appending a new li element for each item to the .js-todo-list element in the To do that, create a new file in the text editor, copy the code below in the file, then save it with the name ‘to do list.css’. JavaScript – Enable in Different Browsers. The button provides us with the facility to remove any list item from the browser’s display. Please keep your comments relevant (on-topic) and respectful. questions or submit feedback. Our todo list app is pretty much complete at this point, but let’s add one more :empty selector to DOM. item that is being checked off: Instead of listening for clicks on individual checkbox elements, we are my posts, resources and tutorials. To do so, we need to listen for We’re using the Will it add an empty list item? Once a new todo item is added to the todoItems array, we want the app to be detect when .todo-list is empty, and the sibling selector (+) to target in todoItems array send the todo item to renderTodo() to be removed from the Next, we will break this code in small, understandable functions. The JavaScript for/of statement loops through the values of an iterable objects. Work with the individual functions with me to get the hang of what’s happening. You're going to be building a personal to do list application. The project is a single webpage containing different list items and a text area to add custom tasks. You can add a code that allows you to add your elements at a specific position, but it isn’t always necessary. After I type the text in the text area and click the “Add” button, the browser will display a page like this: Notice that the Add button added the new list item at the end of the list. user to add new tasks, mark a task as completed and delete old ones. that, the contents of the li element are set using the innerHTML method and I You can edit these elements as you like and get the result in the browser. checked is initialised to false, and id is initialised to the number of This button works with the help of the removeAll() function that empties the