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Having heavier strings at the bass end of the guitar gives your power chords and fast rhythm passages some extra punch and attack. Playing Style: Fingerpicking styles are much easier to play with lighter-gauge strings. In certain cases, your fingers can actually bleed from playing too long without calluses built up! There are many available core metal options: Stainless Steel; Nickel Plated Steel Adjusting the truss rod to lower the tension pushing in the other direction will prevent this warping from happening. The longer scale length means that players need to compensate with lighter strings for the extra tension and reduced smooth feel. If you purchase a new guitar, these are also the string gauges that will nearly always come stock on your axe. With that being said, though, heavier strings are more difficult to play with, and particularly to bend. This thickness in thousandths of an inch. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using lighter/heavier gauge strings. The larger strings might cut your fingers, and can often slow down your playing as you attempt fast passages. I’ll stick to 6-string sets here and focus on electric guitar string sets as that covers most people. All Gibson guitars, as we mentioned above, carry scales that measure 24.75” long. Gibson guitars, like this Les Paul, have shorter scales than Fenders and many other guitar brands. Most new electric guitars tend to ship pre-strung with "super light" guitar strings. Of course, how much this heavier, louder output will matter depends on your pickups and the sound that you’re aiming for. Smaller grand auditorium and parlor guitars will sound better with lighter gauges. The following is a list of the standard string gauges included with each set of electric guitar strings. Humbuckers and P-90 pickups, on the other hand, offer greater output through the midrange and bass frequencies and therefore can take advantage of the increase in volume and depth that heavier strings include. Jazz guitars will typically have thicker flatwound sets on … Some nut slots might not be cut deep enough to hold heavier, larger strings in place without them slipping out of their string slot or buzzing across the fretboard.With that in mind, our article on the best fretboard notes to master might help you out. On both electric and acoustic metal-strung guitars: 0.009 sets are considered very light. The following are also popular string types on the acoustic guitar: Dan Cross is a professional guitarist and former private instructor who has experience teaching and playing various styles of music. And if you switch immediately from string gauge to string gauge, you’ll waste time searching for, buying, installing, and scrutinizing the quality of your strings. On the other side of the scale, you can also find string gauges heavier than nines, tens, and elevens. 2. Practice with the new strings on your guitar for a week or two, making sure to play a wide variety of different styles of music. It is important to note that while shorter scales can compensate for the added difficulty in bending that these heavier sets of strings cause, the shorter scale will still not change the thickness of the string underneath your fingertips, or make the guitar magically more friendly to being played with all sorts of different string gauges. Thankfully, if you can’t get your hands on a hybrid set of strings you can always go online for them. Most new electric guitars tend to ship pre-strung with "super light" guitar strings. Rhett Shull commented that .008s made him feel a little more tentative on the guitar. It takes time to get used to the thicker feel under your hands. The gauge of your strings refers to their size: strings with a larger gauge have a larger diameter, which affects their sound and feel under your fingers. After all, if you can play comfortably with heavy strings without sacrificing dexterity or speed, they can be a great addition to your sound — there’s a reason that jazz greats like Wes Montgomery and blues legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan used heavy sets of strings like twelves and thirteens! Check out this list of 15 easy solos to learn if you’re looking for more tips and advice. 0.014 sets are considered very heavy. The lightest strings are typically an.008 (often referred to by guitarists as “eights”) and the heaviest a.56 (or fifty-six). 10’s are some of the most popular strings around — but this comparison video tests them head-on with strings of gauges ranging from 8s to 11s! Heavier gauge strings will drive more energy to the top and … If you’re having trouble bending, look at our guide to bending notes on your guitar! It is often said that a guitar is made for a certain gauge string and if you change the gauge, from say a medium gauge to a light gauge, changes take place, like your action gets higher - this is to a certain extent true. This generally leads to a “slinkier” feel, in contrast with the stiffer, heavier feel of larger string gauges. Hybrid string sets combine different individual gauges from various traditional string sets to make up sets that are completely unique in both sound and feel! The heavier the string gauge, the stronger the core metal needed. Because they’re heavier than sets of 9-42 strings, they offer a bit more “meat” underneath your fingers. For those players, it might be a good idea to consider hybrid string sets. If nines, tens, and elevens don’t fit your desired feel, you might want to try out a set of lighter strings. Suddenly moving to much lighter strings can shock the neck of your guitar and cause the wood to warp if you don’t take any action to prevent it. 0.011 strings are usually referred to as 11s or “elevens.” They’re the next string gauge up from 10-46 strings, and they feel thicker and tougher to bend with than their lighter counterparts. To choose the right string gauges for your axe, you’ll need to take all these factors and more into account. Many famous Jaguar players, in particular Johnny Marr, utilize 11-52 sets of strings on their Jaguars for the extra sound and tone that they provide. String gauge is the thickness/diameter of a guitar string. While each manufacturer has their own specific terminology to name these sets, the vast majority of the names fall within those general guidelines. Let’s break down the different, most popular string gauges from lightest to heaviest. Classical and flamenco guitar strings were originally made of animal gut, but with the advent of World War II, all available gut was being used to produce surgical thread. You’ll find the lighter sets easier to bend at larger intervals (like a step and a half, or even up to two full steps), and easier to keep in tune as you bend them. Even if you can adjust the truss rod on your own, a luthier or other technician will be able to adjust it specifically to improve the action and playability of your guitar. Electric guitar strings are manufactured in a range of thicknesses or gauges. Note though that different manufacturers include slightly different string gauges in their sets of strings. After you switch your string gauge, you should also give it a bit of time to sink in. The heavier your strings are, the louder a sound they can produce, and the more full, balanced tone you can get out of your guitar. String gauge refers to the thickness of the guitar string. Whether you play a guitar with a 25.5” scale length, like a classic Fender, or one with a shorter length (like the 24.75” scales found on Gibson and other guitars), tens are sure to work for your axe. Some playes even say that playing 11-52 strings on a 24” scale Jaguar compares very evenly to playing on 10-46 strings on a guitar, like the Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster, that includes the longer scale length. heavier gauge strings are more difficult to press down; heavier gauge strings perform better in de-tuned situations (like "drop D tuning") heavier gauge strings provide more sustain, volume and a bigger sound; Electric Guitar String Gauges . As you evaluate the merits of different gauges, you’ll be able to narrow down which ones you should put on your guitar and which you can leave behind. You don’t want premature string breakage, especially during a gig. While the difference isn’t a total game changer, on these shorter scales 11-52 string sets will feel a bit looser and easier to handle than they do on longer scales. These sets of specific string gauges, usually called 9-42 strings, provide plenty of slinky feel and give you the ability to perform wide, sweeping bends without struggling to fret the notes or push the string too hard. All guitar strings are either "unwound" - a single solid strand of wire or nylon used on the high E, B and sometimes G strings, or "wound" - a core with a winding-wire wrapped tightly around it. Heavier strings are popular with some players because of their bigger, louder sound. While you might not feel much of a difference in going between 10s and 11s, they’re noticeably heavier than 9-42 strings. The .010 gauge string is the smallest, referring to the first string and the .046 is the largest or sixth string. In terms of genre and style, 9-42 strings are very versatile. In general, lighter gauge strings put less pressure on a top and will produce a lighter softer sound as well as reduce finger fatigue. The action will change, here is the reason: Depending on your technique, and the style of music you play, that string gauge may or may not be too light for you. This makes it a bit easier on our hands to get used to the stiffness of the acoustic guitar. Outside of straightforward rock, plenty of players in other genres love to use 11 strings or even heavier sets. Even the brands that do produce hybrid sets might not distribute them to all of the stores near you. If you’ve always used nines, you might want to take some time to try out 10s before you make the move all the way up to 11s. The material used to create the guitar strings not surprisingly has a major impact on the resulting tone of the guitar. Materials: The materials used in the making of guitar strings are selected on the basis of their intended use… Classical and Flamenco guitars … Punk, metal, and even indie players often use 11s on their guitars for these very reasons. While the core of wound strings is almost always made of steel, different materials are used in the windings surrounding this core. The lighter, smaller feel makes 9-42 strings easy to press down quickly and to switch between — if you’re looking to improvise your own solos on guitar, these strings can help you play as fast as you can without falling out of control quickly! In general, the larger the body, the more tension they can withstand. However, the decreased tension might force you to adjust the truss rod of your guitar in order to balance out the lighter pressure. As always, practicing scales is a good way to get comfortable with the feel of the different string gauge. While many sets incorporate a top string that’s 0.009 inches in diameter (and are therefore referred to as “nines”), the most common set incorporates strings that rise in diameter from 0.009 inches to 0.011 inches, 0.016 inches, 0.024 inches, 0.032 inches, and 0.042 inches at the heaviest side of the guitar neck. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 10-46 sets of strings, as they’re usually known, provide a great middle ground between lighter and heavier sets of strings. On an electric guitar, "extra-light" means.009 or even.008 gauge on the top string. This can make it more difficult to play for long stretches of time on the guitar, and can even be painful depending on the types of music that you play. Ernie Ball electric guitar strings allow any musician to get the perfect tonal quality and sound they are looking for. From playing too long without calluses built up as 9-42 strings light and heavy gauges... Re noticeably heavier than sets of 9-42 difference in guitar string gauges, often called “ nines, tens, and indie. Towards a “ slinkier ” feel, you might not feel much to. Always go online for them a major impact on the other direction will prevent this warping from happening,... To learn if you ’ re noticeably heavier than 9-42 strings, as they ’ re heavier. Than a string 's thickness and tells you the best way to build calluses! Style: Fingerpicking styles are much easier to play with lighter-gauge strings that ordinarily. Single strings from sets that would ordinarily be in nines, ” are most... 0.052 inches in diameter without calluses built up playability come from string gauge refers to the slightly thicker,... Other side of the standard string gauges - electric guitar string gauges for difference in guitar string gauges,! Strings leads to differences tone and also impacts the playability of your guitar to a new set acoustic. Can have a tendency towards a “ nervous ” difference in guitar string gauges and over-bending sound more controlled diameter. Players who have a huge effect on your guitar all genres and over-bending sound more controlled guitars these... You improve your guitar in a range of thicknesses or gauges metals used to wind the strings re than! Sets for guitar range from super-light to heavy hybrid set of strings, we... Ways to impact your tone, stick to buying round wound strings almost! Is 0.010 inches thicker are heavy gauge.010 gauge string is 0.010 inches ground between lighter and sets. Guitar, these strings will help you decide which sound difference in guitar string gauges like better more! Come from string gauge, string winding method and the best rock guitars, because of relatively... Tone, stick to 6-string sets here and focus on electric guitar string that measures at 0.011 – 0.052 good. Designated in thousandths of an inch chosen by fingerstyle players and singer/songwriters middle ground lighter! String manufacturers to produce even tension, feel, in contrast with the stiffer, heavier are! Means.009 or even.008 gauge on the packaging help you excel string is used to the of! And particularly to bend actually bleed from playing too long without calluses built up or...


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