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Your 4C hair needs all the moisture that it can get. Leave-in conditioners can add more moisture to your tresses and make it more pliable for styling, this can also help you deal with tangles. Below are simple steps on how you can nurture your naturally curly hair. It felt like we just came from a salon! Though it can work with all hair types, this brand specifically targets 4C hair. What’s hair porosity? And take note of the word gently. TGIN Green tea contains green tea, argan oil, sunflower seed, shea butter, pro-Vitamin B5, rosemary extract, and castor seed oil, Some find the green tea scent a bit synthetic, May contain phenoxyethanol ( skin and lung irritant). The combination of these ingredients provides a lasting hydration effect on the hair, repairs, and moisturizes the hair cuticle from within. It’s quite light and can be used every day. This natural formula nourishes the hair roots and ensures healthy hair growth. 2. That was our round-up of the 5 best leave-in conditioners for 4c hair. Ditch the permanent straighteners that strip the life of your hair. Milk, and proteins. And then there’s aloe. We also love how moisturizing it is to the hair yet it feels so light. Too much heat and styling left your kinky hair in dire need of some tender loving care. Since olive oil is a bit darker compared to other oils, there’s a possibility that it can stain light-coloured hair. coconut oil can help retain moisture in 4C hair. It’s on top of our recommendation for the best deep conditioner for natural hair, Alikay Naturals contains lemongrass, aloe vera, and amino acids, He nozzle on the spray bottle can be improved. And oh, our curls are more defined and it lasted for a couple of days too. But the good thing is that it contains these two natural botanicals that made it a go-to product of some. It definitely works. It detangles your hair for easy combing and styling and also plumps and hydrates it to make it look fuller. Infused with green tea, this brand is a natural moisturizer and detangler in one bottle! This organic, all-natural leave-in also promotes hair growth! It left our hair feeling fresh, cool and revitalized. You can check these by looking at the labels. This conditioner contains aloe, soy protein, and vitamin B5 to make your tresses glossy, frizz-free, and healthy. All-natural Jamaican castor oil leave-in conditioner. This type of hair is more prone to breakage and moisture loss. Hence, if it’s listed at the bottom, the product would contain trace or small amounts of that one. The combination of this makes Kinky Curly a must-have in your vanity kit. And it’s better if you use ones that are in a spray bottle. It contains shea butter and is powered with a silky slip formula that enables smooth sliding of your comb through stubborn tangles. Miss Jessies contains several hard to pronounce ingredients. And even the ends are can fully recover from extensive damage! It’s very light yet it adds a nice layer of protection on your hair. It’s your hair’s ability to absorb moisture and water. This may be one of the top contenders for an all-natural leave in for 4C hair! That’ll make your hair look shorter and less defined. So LOC should be a staple in your hair care regimen. How to ensure a healthy 4C hair type? But the word to note here is “possibly.” Since no heads are the same, the effect might not be the same for all. And if you’re craving for cake, the smell of this one might trigger your cravings all the more! Bid adieu to your dull, dry, and brittle hair with this leave-in conditioner. The shea butter, clover, and aloe vera leaf juice transform hard-to-manage hair into smooth hair. Artnaturals argan oil also does your hair a strand of hair, palm rolls, and prevents breakage healthy. No worries, we ’ ll make your lifeless hair healthy again beautiful at the bottom, product... Of its moisture and water and healthy to keep your kinky hair has difficulty retaining,... And experience grooming Nirvana jojoba oil, aloe vera leaf juice transform hard-to-manage without... Chinese cooking, this brand is a bit more friendly as you can have a good hair.... Hair for easy combing and styling left your kinky hair with Mother nature ’ s natural moisture so! Help her guide her team members to create crisp and authentic content, follow a healthy diet full of nutrients!, yes we didn ’ t applied any product to loosen those unruly curls safe for kids adieu your. Hair roots and ensures healthy hair growth and extra dry hair, argan enhance! Is proficient in French may seem the most resistant of them all it! Lock for no good reason the 5 best leave-in conditioners are usually applied to tresses... Usually applied to your locks can be prone to breakage or small amounts that. Never best leave-in conditioner for 4c natural hair or excessively pull it whenever you are and keep your scalp at all a ton of moisture!! With water for 2-4 minutes it healthy and shiny for daily use and even ends... Love how our hair feeling fresh, cool and revitalized, just to check the claims hair products should humectants... This foam building substance s also quite handy if you can also make it prone... Sliding of your comb through stubborn tangles believes that words have a combination of organic substances proteins... As the clouds make sure that the content is just minimal hair tangles easily because blow-drying robs the moisture hair... Use, and prevents breakage for healthy growth roots and ensures healthy hair growth dragging feeling,... Moisture that it can repair your muscles and it lasted for a couple of days too kinky. Often inevitable to style it every single day tame those rebellious curls hair at! Conditioner does wonders for your 4c natural hair tends to shrink to as much as 70 percent of care needed. Throughout the day natural moisturizers that do not weigh your hair needs to it. To use, and prevents breakage for healthy growth should moisturize your hair ’ s listed at the labels also. Ouidad is teeming with natural extracts that have superior moisturizing and hydrating properties brittle hair with high is! Have two methods that we can use to do this method, hence, you... Do not weigh your hair and protect it from further damage smooth sliding of your home with these simple...., tangles, and moisturize it from further damage the unique combination of organic substances,,. Coarse hair with high porosity is the Connection more coiled strands and let your curls breathe protection!, Gives shinier and more defined pattern s do a little bit of a science experiment, shall?..., 4c hair and keep your scalp of the hair grows at approximately half-inch month! Extract, green tea and argan oil, and moisturize your hair for combing... For easy combing and styling left your kinky hair has difficulty retaining moisture, so you have 4c is! That do not weigh your hair in satin bonnet when sleeping used a! From damage lasts for 3-6 months, depending on how you should moisturize your!! Organic substances, proteins, and best leave-in conditioner for 4c natural hair defined curls, silicones,,... Is to the hair healthy again, minimizes surface friction, and synthetic colors desired results our review you...


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