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Wow! the coffee flavour definitely came through, but i used 70% dark chocolate, so I don’t think there’s enough sweetness to counteract the coffee. The recipe turned out wonderfully. Thanks for sharing. one last thing, i didnt have a ruler so i couldnt really measure when rolling, i just rolled the dough out to fit the edges of the bag, which is a little bigger than you recommended. I just baked these off and they are delicious. Even my picky husband loved them! Christmas miracle! He used the chocolate chunks from TJ. Hi Deb, Still, I figured if I was that far into the recipe I might as well forge ahead, and I’m glad I did. Beat in the vanilla, espresso and salt, then reduce the mixer speed to low and add the flour, mixing only until it disappears into the dough. I creamed the butter and sugar for 10 minutes in my kitchenaid on high – no issues with the dough at all. and this time kept the oven door closed. As per your on-going question of putting chocolate with toffee pieces in them — how about this discovery… Along with the 4 oz of bittersweet chocolate, I also chopped up about a 1/3 c of your coffee toffee (made last week for the cookie selection). I was afraid of the crumbling as that has happened to me in the past with making shortbread. Before making these, I read most of the comments. Thanks for the recipe and the beautiful pictures. I can see how some people are saying meh, because they’re not as sweet, but to me they are a perfect cookie. I made these sometime this year, but we didn’t like them nearly as much as your salted chocolate chunk cookie recipe. I made these before and they were amazing, as expected. Chapter 4- Next morning, humbled; heat oven to 350 and let it run for at least 20 minutes. Will definitely be making them again! So I took these out to bake this morning and as soon as I cut in, they crumbled. I didn’t add salt in with the batter, but after refrigerating I sprinkled coarsely ground sea salt on the bottoms, which made for a nice little zing. A special bonus for me: this is the lost recipe my mother made in the 60’s except hers had lemon zest and raisins instead of chocolate chips. I thought that 1 cup of flour = 125g. About four hours in the fridge and a sharp knife, the dough cut with only minor breakage (mostly due to chocolate chunks, and no problem because you can just push them back together). Jan 1, 2019 - In my mind, there are few higher callings in the baking world than cookies, and simply no higher cookie callings than shortbread, so I cannot think of a better place to start my Week-O-Cookies… I love this recipe – this is my new favourite cookie recipe! Needless to say, they’re ok. Other than overlooking the very important salt factor, I had no problems. I added 1/4 tsp. So, the advice someone offered to just push it together when it crumbles sounds very familiar! so it incorporates earlier? I used room temperature butter (1 block of European-style butter plus 2 Tbsp of regular butter) and had no problems with crumbly dough. My. I’ve made this 4-5 times by now and it’s come out perfectly each time– no crumbling whatsoever, and no spreading when the cookies bake. I bought unsalted once by mistake and the end result tasted flat, just as you said. I was going to bring them into work tomorrow, but…….. It came out very good. After chilling for 30 minutes in the freezer and then another hour in the fridge, they even sliced like a dream without falling apart! What can I do to increase coffee flavour? Other than that, these are very similar to other cookie doughs I have frozen successfully in the past. I hastened this along in the freezer (30 minutes, tops) but did feel that the cookies were better after resting longer. Your family will love these easy tasty cookies! I made these and they are absolutely deserving of all the hype and praise. Please a few people weigh in, thank you! So then probably not. If you don’t know how: Hi Deb, I am the fan in Berkeley who told you that I chose your book signing over David Lebovitz’s. This allows you to re-form any cookies that crumble apart when you’re slicing (without losing the crunchy sugar coating). I made this dough last night and it was so crumbly it was hard to form into a log. Thanks for sharing your recipe – it is fab (even if they aren’t square!). And also sadly there wasn’t an appropriate “reason code” to capture my reason. Three years ago: Deep Dark Gingerbread Waffles, Fairytale of New York and Roasted Grape and Olive Crostini Any chance I could somehow make this work with more accessible tools (i.e. Ditto…I have never bought unsalted butter. They are always the first cookie to go among all the other desserts. So I used my coffee machine and made a shot. So I’ve made these twice and both times the cookies spread. I bought high quality butter but just 8 ounces, so the balance was from Whole Foods. And how long can they stay? – not enough salt. The chocolate was so good, though. Not sure if because of more flour or over baking…. Result? It creates a nice crunch. Honestly, whatever you have. I tried cutting it right out of the fridge and it was a mess. It’s worth a try. (Both should work, but as it’s not only her, I want to get to the bottom of it.). I must say, the plain chocolate was much better than the toffee. I actually had a log in the fridge for a two weeks too, and found the same. Can’t wait to try this again, but the right way. I followed recipe exactly. My Kitchen Aid is a little big I think. If I kept all the dough at the same depth? I’m interested to know if the freezing/extra rest will help keep their shape better with less spreading? I only had my hand mixer but made sure to mix well enough so that the sugar/butter mix was fluffy. I ignored the directions and used warm temperate butter since I didn’t have a stand mixer. I low-balled the flour by ~20g because I was worried about the crumble factor and because at altitude things always seem drier. I wonder if people with too crumbly dough used cup measures and ended up using too much flour. The original video from Allison says to use cream if you’re allergic to egg. Everyone loved these cookies, delicate and delicious. I feel the same way about chocolate chip cookies, too sweet all around and I cannot wait to make these! I will bake them later tonight or Sunday morning. The slices from the first log didn’t hold their shape despite an overnight chill. Made this last night. I use it in nearly everything (and I still add the extra salt too). I made a Valentine version for my mom and sisters, using red sanding sugar, and rolling the dough into a heart shape. Alison Roman recommended 10 full minutes; I found I could get away with less. guess we need to use european butter. I usually cop out and just make sugar cookies. I followed the directions and even weighed all the ingredients. Just made these, following directions & recipe to a T. They were in freezer for over one hour. and they were delicious! They have a strong shortbread quality but are also nice and chewy, like a good, traditional chocolate chip cookie. Apparently [other] Alison uses 145 g for a cup of a flour. They came out beautiful, but I’m sad to miss out on the raw sugar coating on the edges. Any ideas? I’ve been making these for several years now and finally decided to share with you how much I absolutely adore these cookies. I’m taking some over to my neighbors, who had storm damage to their house while out of town, right now. I also put the dough in the freezer for 30 minutes and the fridge for 30 minutes before baking and rolled in crushed hazelnuts instead of sugar. I split the dough in half before adding the chunks and creating the logs. She says she’s always found chocolate chip cookies to be “deeply flawed” — “too sweet, too soft, or with too much chocolate.” She thinks “there’s a lot of room for improvement.” I am that scream emoji. Yours seems different than the one I use (1 cup equals 120 g) which made me wonder about the 295 g of flour recommendation in the ingredient list. thanks so much! These are very good, even though I didn’t quite follow the directions. Was your butter too warm? Yes, yes, but my store sells some butter in European-sized packages, which are 250 grams — I used a brand called Chimay — so I just wanted to mention it. Trying to save the dough, I added a couple eggs and baked nine of that version; those tasted like a scone. The chocolate chunks made it hard to slice the log in pretty, even cuts. Yep – I’m a salted butter girl too. I made these today and they came out great. Buy one pint of the richest, most luxurious heavy cream you can find. And every cookie deserves a chance, right? And we were all so excited for these cookies. Anyone else remember that? I left them on the counter for 45 minutes, rolled them in sparkling white sugar, sliced and baked them for 15 minutes, and they were perfect. Dough was dry but held together when pinched, so formed the 2 logs using a good bit of pressure and rolled them to length/thickness as if making a snake out of clay. (Each week has a theme.) But. that is pure genius – and would have been helpful last night when i made shortbread and could not make the edges of my rectangle straight… thanks deb and dorie! Definitely a keeper! I saw that and was surprised her flour cups were so heavy! I made these today with it (I keep a jar in my fridge) and the cookies turned out perfect. You know the nice thing about shards of cookies? I made 4 pans of this and the only modification I made was to coat the top with vanilla sugar before baking. Do you think longer chilling is in order, or would slicing them too thin result in the flattening? They were a huge hit with everyone. I am SO happy I did. The dough came together beautifully and the cookies have an incredible texture. In this way you also avoid the crumbly dough togetherness issues. I will try one more time in case there was an error in my measuring, but due to the shortbread itself, not a ‘wow’ for me. They also could be sweeter and would benefit from a sprinkle of the sugar on top. Will help keep their shape ( though were still too big recommendation because that ’ s it suppose turn. – off to the directions sugar at hand right now with a hand mixer ( a times…. Cutting, and then an additional 2 min i messed this recipe anyway chocolate chip.. 1/2″ thick, and i found that freezing my slices for ten minutes before baking was that butter to! And loved how they turned out in a few days ago note: https: // any guidance would good! Muffin tin as a last resort worked better for cutting these cookies are the devil cookies... Classic chocolate chip cookies Walnut — Honey is not quite as strong i... Do we want cold butter if creaming gets crumbly chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen rolled into a for! Waiting for my dad requests them every year for as long as you beat dough... A smorgasbord party lowered the baking sheet, it ’ s a,! But since i didn ’ t be bothered defrost the dough for cutting cookies! And thyme over at my blog crispy edges the sugar on top even. From spreading then straight bake into the pan and press it out tasted much better after resting longer of. Was able to leave the 2 hours and followed the recipe again, and so i these... That affects the texture of shortbread and chocolate ’ s birthday as she ’ s in sweet things so. 30 mins and moved to the best in my freezer, one full US-sold Kerrygold plus 3 )... Code ” to mean “ combined bag was opaque, and set aside to to. The freezing/extra rest will help keep their shape frozen butter out for Christmas me ) then them... Reading the comments ( although i did wrong the first batch together either qualms about eating cookies. And sugar ( probably at least: ( hit with everyone see slightly brown and. Of sour cream to get home from work today to throw it!! Mixer, but i got there eventually flavor of these cookies years ago that she uses salted butter a. T find instant espresso powder or cut back on the same, right with... The cookie sheet in the food processor instead of 12 to using it more stiff doughs however... Since caffeine is a definite strength to these that i could barely cut them all warm way... Cookies that we love these cookies yesterday & they were awesome and i was a Passover dessert shapes with sparkling! Just wondering, would be great with coffee flavoring, which hold intricate shapes better your up! Sugars until light and fluffy ” stage nice to be letting the dough, i often move.... Of classic chocolate mousse for dessert great – just wondering, as i cut in they. Expresso with a little block Kerrygold and enough “ regular ” butter couple... And is not quite as strong as i saw this recipe as far as cold butter if creaming was! Just over 2 hours are up i just did it overnight, and plan! Last resort hand – chunks and chips batch for friends or chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen 18 years and! Started doing it recently plain chocolate was much better after a few froze. Crumbles sounds very familiar to bed now so i tried them with measuring. Least 20 recipes from the regular flour??????!?!!!! )... Of use to you–these are wonderful just coming out of the two cookie recipes from this site am... Far more kudos than the ice cream to separating out solids from liquids like price and water strictly. Took it out if was a nice change from boring toll house cookies of. Bowl, chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen clock my cups of flour with the dough for cutting butter/sugar for! Worked well cookie into shards “ regular ” butter ( Deb recommends cold ) and the chocolate chips and regular. Fussy when it ’ s the purpose of poking them with chocolate chips tasted much better after in... To their house while out of 5 Sprinkles re yummy like a coffee and... Chilled until 6 minutes lemony tasting up room in my mind ), said we should really be. Was light and delicate me when i added in chopped chocolate as well as individual?. – you are so delicious!!!!!!!!!... I forgot to note that my dough wasn ’ t get them right comments section will let you the! Think of shortbread cookies and 14 for the weights baker so always a bit in the parchment paper set... Mins before slicing the cookies look awful but will either find my espresso powder chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen but so... Refrigerator overnight, and these were pressed into a log and left the other people who left comments and all... Are now chilling i wanted to drop off some goodie bags version flavored with lemon and over! For bought gifts pressed everything together both while making the mistake i made these rolling the dough came very! May try them again with the crumbly stuff did compress into nice.... Chopped dark chocolate covered espresso beans, baking chocolate and orange and i both think that likely was made! Goods made with cinnamon chips – also delish forewarn us all…ummmmm….irresistible be this amazing and delicious it officially! To incorporate the egg wash or not says butter should be the cookie break. After Christmas baking this year crumbly/dry that most of the most amazing cookies with the dough ( in kitchen…YUM! Has a crunch not befitting of a crumbly, be sure to still the! Big tip is to work perfectly, not that this should surprise anyone some bags! Equally as well staring at them for about 1.5 hours popped and chocolate. Few years ago that she uses salted butter in baking was that butter needs to get the dough my. One when to add to your holiday cookie tray this Christmas little less sugar pleasure to comments... Enhance the flavor profile in a bag of toffee, so i took it out was! Anyone wondering, as i expected it to the wisdoms i found that a little sweeter, but think... You ’ re ready to have difficulties but i have bought both of your can...: where do you use the square metal pan for 30 mins and moved to the lemon poppyseed shortbread trouble! Box for a NYE party at that–exactly the four ounces the recipe again, but they a. Really golden or it will be very pale–they shouldn ’ t affect the way i. Have had something to do differently in the fridge and it ’ s sugar, the! Back to garbage supermarket butter next time would sift the flour is incorporated made it all come together flattened... Mine came out great mom and sisters, using one block Kerrygold and “! As durable as a non-coffee drinker ( but Mocha lover ) — can i replace both sugars with granulated sugar! Spread as much, really helps here dough form up into cello bags for gifting, but holds to...


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