Nancy Carell
This is certainly one place that wouldn’t be hard to find. Then there was Nara Dreamland, which had lots of strikes against it; it was only recently abandoned so would have little decay, it had heavy security, and it was far away. I went yesterday and there was literally no deterrents at all, aside from ?????? How sad, I’ve been to both of them. More Pictures from Theme Park Review who took a trip there before it closed. However, seeing the photos of the Disney originals and the Dreamland rip offs side by side is fantastic! I could have broken in, but there was no point- I could see through the windows of most, and it was obvious they were only empty shells. I wish I could have gotten over to them, but the bridges were all down. For all that time, as we rushed around feeling knackered and worried about the security guard, the light was blue and cold and really unpleasant. Even though it was a Disney knock-off. Well, that time arrived. Located near Nara Japan the park had a main street, matterhorn, monorail, autopia, skyway and more. I guess the park still has power. By the current looks of it (I went there recently) it’s hard to believe Nara Dreamland is closed for just 4 years…, […] forward to the 1960′s in Nara Japan. By around 5am I was pretty shattered, so curled up in the bucket seat of a kids ride and napped for about 30 minutes. After this I headed over to Kobe to hike up a mountain and shoot the famous ruined Maya Hotel. How far up the roller coaster track did you go? By then though it was outdated, and dying a slow death as Universal Studios Japan (built 2001) in nearby Osaka sucked all the oxygen out of the business. Thanks for this great page! If you enter the it from the entrance across from the sports park i think there is no security at all. Have you thought of offering prints of more of the photos here? Being a former cast member at the Magic Kingdom at WDW in Florida I’m fascinated and horrified by Nara Dreamland – kind of like watching a train wreck over and over again… That park is a cheap copy of Disneyland in California. Nara Dreamland was an almost complete copy of Disneyland in California and was open from 1961 to 2006. MJG September 22, 2010 Haikyo, Nara, Theme Parks 118 Comments. Nara Dreamland was an almost complete copy of Disneyland in California and was open from 1961 to 2006. E funcionou até 2006! signs. Nope again. I saw no security cameras and i highly doubt they would even work at this point. I’ve also since added a Dreamland: Heyday article, featuring photos from visitors to Dreamland from across its 45 year lifespan. Foram 45 anos de uma cara de pau de olhinhos puxados, lá no Nara Dreamland. Update, I live ten min away from dream land and it is now totally down. It`s exploring, in this case the world built by nature in the places we once owned. I love the overlapping twists of the wooden rollercoaster rails shot from above. Very interesting comparison! If you want to see it, it’s here: But remember it IS illegal and the fine for getting caught is about 1000.00 american dollars. Nara Dreamland is the epitome of many haikyo dreams; an abandoned theme park with all its roller-coasters and rides still standing. I meandered through the park a final time picking up any extra shots that stood out. Wonderful trip, photos, and report, Mike. I’ve heard many stories of haikyoists arriving only to be either deterred by the cameras, sensors, alarms and fines, or actually physically expelled by the furious security guard. If you’d like to see the place only a few years after it was opened in 1961, take a look. Oh, and it wasn’t creepy enough, now it’s abandoned. It really wasn’t good it seems. One was in the process of demolition (Kappa Pia), one had only concrete slabs where the rides had once been (Namegawa Island), one was wiped off the map completely (Gulliver`s Kingdom). Mas aposto que você não sabia (ou sabia?) Fantastic read! Did something happen or it just got old? I love the Japanese, they are honorable people. The shots from Aska are breathtaking. And this is awesome by the way. It certainly wasn`t true of the first 30 minutes of dawn at Dreamland. This sounds great, I would love to go to Ghost town Disney Japan. Nara Dreamland opened in 1961, inspired by Disneyland in California. The park closed due to poor attendance but is currently abandoned with nature slowly taking over the rides. Back in 1961 when Nara Dreamland opened the park begins as the next Disneyland and it showed theme park companies in the United States how expanding overseas can be. So I put it on the back burner, thinking I`d get to it in time. I’m pleased you used my photos of Nara Dreamland in its abandoned state, but you could have asked first eh? Very cool man, i would want to do that as well one day, btw is it me or at 2:42 you see a face in the orange tree lol. Both of us were pretty excited. People would go there instead of that cheap copy because everybody likes the real deal. For 45 years its central fantasy castle, massive wooden rollercoaster Aska, and corkscrewing Screwcoaster pulled in the big crowds. Nope. In the dark I suppose its crapness would be less obvious. After that it was a question of re-exploring the areas we’d already seen by night. - Page 2, The Ghosts of Dreamland | The Lilian Blog, Castle of Medieval Times (Sleeping Beauty Castle Clone). Access was easy. As Florian and I split up to explore separate sections of the park, I wandered in a kind of daze, drinking it in. I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account. Which does bring up the question… in the most densely populated country in the world, how does something that size stay abandoned for long? There’s a stillness, an aloneness, that creeps into you. I just came back from Nara Dreamland. Most of the buildings and indoor rides were sealed up. […]. Sure, they may have wanted to bring a similar experience at a lower price, but at the same time, how could Nara Dreamland expect to meet the standards of, or even compete with, Disney? We wandered around for hours, occasionally pausing to snap long-exposure shots of the stars, rides, and castle. I think that I know this rollercoster. The life and death of Disneyland clone Nara Dreamland, | The social sites' most interesting urls, The Ghosts of Dreamland « Sylvianne Mills Random Blog, The Land That Wasn’t Disney | Disneyland Obsession .com, Disnereirândia: Nara Dreamland (1961) | Update or Die,, Video IASW Knock-off in China (Creepy!) The fact that you were able to wander the park unmolested for hours suggests that security wasn’t too tight. By then though it was outdated, and dying a slow death as Universal Studios Japan (built 2001) in nearby Osaka sucked … I changed into my ninja outfit (black jeans and black shirt), and we were in. I wonder what security is like these days? where is it. I had the weekend, I had a fellow haikyoist who knew the park’s layout well and had himself been expelled by security once (Florian of Abandoned Kansai), and I had the inclination, so we set it up. I investigated the cable-car ride through the Matterhorn-like mountain. I went there recently, took many pictures and explained my exploration. Ha, I get your reference to “spirited away” 5 years later…nice. Required fields are marked *. As sad as it is that it closed, what can you expect from a park that copied a larger, more popular version almost precisely? […] first is a look at the comparissons between Disneyland and Nara Dreamland The second is Michael John GristWhose visit is from […], […] Ontem o updater Lorenzo fez um post sobre os clones de lojas “Apple” que pipocam pela China, entre tantas outras falsificações baratas e que fazem a festa do Engrish. Help | Complain | Contact Us The birth of “Nara Dreamland“. The park closed due to poor attendance but is currently abandoned with nature slowly taking over the rides. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3cbb93b9b0c30c56c354ae1c4014810" );document.getElementById("i5ca78d5f2").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); A Retard Zone Production Retard Zone © 2020. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material. I arrived in Nara by Shinkansen a little after midnight. Most interesting was the clock that told the correct time. I walked around the front area and took in the train station entrance (for delivering people from the far car park). I saw the Jungle river Cruise and its sinking boats. It’s not something you’re ever likely to see for yourself, and it`s very difficult to capture in photographs. The life and death of Disneyland clone Nara Dreamland. how can i get there? Also it brought magic, fantasy and happiness to another part of the world. I tried site after site, only to be disappointed at each. There was still the threat of fines, motion sensors, alarms. Well, tough–it's not […]. All rights to offend children, adults, and animals are reserved. Seems like that land would have a bit of a premium on it. Appreciating the dedication you put into your blog and in depth information you offer. Usually in a haikyo a large part of the appeal comes from the untouched nature of an all-new enivronment. Suffice it to say, the Japanese version of Disneyland was smaller and more efficient (lol). There’s something very ethereal about an empty theme park by moonlight. Buy prints here. It’s sad that’s it closed and just decaying. Google Maps has decent satellite images of the park. […]. Some good shots of heavy machinery. I would’ve walked the whole thing, but the drop after that hill was dangerously steep on foot, with no steps or railing or such….


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