Episode 15
Various types of euphemisms are found in the Bible, including (1) avoidance of direct implication of the speaker – "Should you gouge out these men's eyes" rather than "our eyes" (Num. Idolatrous worship is called tumah ("uncleanness": Tosef. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The second reason for euphemisms is in order to avoid phrases which would wound susceptibilities. Examples of one such list follow: (1) "Abraham remained standing before the Lord" for "The Lord remained standing before Abraham" (Gen. 18:22); (2) "For his sons were blaspheming themselves" for "blaspheming God" (i Sam. The statements of God quoted by Moses in Deuteronomy 5:6–18 are entitled "the ten words, or utterances" (Heb. Self-Awareness Training: An Interview With Psychologist Tasha Eurich, Check out the latest studies on sleep health - for adults & kids. Sexual intercourse is "the usage of the bed" (tashmish ha-mittah: Yoma 8:1) or simply tashmish (Ket. ( Log Out /  56a; tj, Pe'ah 8:9, 21b) and in fact it is regarded as so characteristic that a euphemism is called "sagi nahor language" (tj, Pe'ah 5:5, 19a; Lev. These terms give you an easier way to talk about something you find very scary or very embarrassing and let you lighten discussions that are disturbing or uncomfortable. Lists of euphemistic expressions in the Bible are found in early tannaitic collections of halakhic Midrash. Euphemisms and dysphemisms give a neutral sentence two different sounds. also ii Kings 10:27 where Le-maḥara'ot is read lemoẓa'ot); and sheineihem ("their urine") to memei ragleihem (ii Kings 18:27; Isa. ( Log Out /  This is something that politicians have known for a long long time; we will surely get treated to many examples of euphemisms/dysphemisms in the upcoming presidential election coverage; especially at the conventions. 29a; Lev. The most common euphemism in this category is the phrase sagi nahor ("with excess of light," cf. 3:2; Zech. Eccles. 10:2; nifneh: Ber. 30:20); (b) the following are changed by the keri (qeri) of the masoretic text: the verb shagal ("to rape") to shakhav (Deut. The concepts imply the presence of direct terms that are neither sweet-sounding, evasive, or overly polite (euphemistic), nor … Tagged as Atheist rhetoric, Christianity, Critical Thinking, Dysphemism, Euphemism, Logic, Rhetorical Devices, Pingback: the beno journal » Blog Archive » asphalt and sidewalk, Pingback: More vitriol; Baby Jesus, dictatorship, and Christmas… « The Christian Scribbler. add. Various types of euphemisms are found in the Bible, including (1) avoidance of direct implication of the speaker – "Should you gouge out these men's eyes" rather than "our eyes" (Num. ." ? It should, however, be pointed out that the rabbis are not always consistent in their avoidance of unpleasant expressions (cf. ; O. Eissfeldt, Molk als Opferbegriff (1935); S. Lieberman, Hellenism in Jewish Palestine (1950), 28–37; T. Noeldeke, Neue Beitraege zur semitischen Sprachwissenschaft (1910), 87ff. You wouldn’t have much interest in hearing a singer with that description.The singer might have bodyguards referred to as escorts, a euphemism making them seem like nice companions, or thugs, a dysphemism making them seem like mean, nasty characters. Various euphemisms such as "departed" (niftar:bb 16b), "his soul rested" (nah nafsho:mk 25a/b; Ket., 104a), and "left life for the living" (shavak ḥayyim le-kol ḥai) are used for death, and a cemetery is called "the house of life" (cf. Encyclopaedia Judaica. ( Log Out /  Refer to each style’s convention regarding the best way to format page numbers and retrieval dates. Actual examples are given: two disciples of Rav were discussing how the discourse in the academy had exhausted them. 29:4); (2) avoidance of direct implication in an oath – "God do so to the enemies of David" rather than "my enemies," David being the speaker (i Sam. Euphemism (Greek eu “good, well”; phēmē “speaking”) and dysphemism (Greek dys “bad, unfavorable”) are obverse sides of the same coin. עֲשֶׂ…, ANTHROPOMORPHISM , the attribution to God of human physical form or psychological characteristics. Critical Thinking; Euphemisms vs. Dysphemisms…, the beno journal » Blog Archive » asphalt and sidewalk, More vitriol; Baby Jesus, dictatorship, and Christmas… « The Christian Scribbler, Jesus; The Lamb and The Lion via Breaking Benjamin. khasene) was contemptuously referred to as a "hashlereh '" a word without meaning, and for bet tefillah ("a house of prayer"), bet tiflah ("a house of abomination") was used. This delicacy is particularly evident in the euphemisms used for the privy parts of the body and their functions. 7a) and the forecast of calamities is couched in the words "and every trouble which shall not come on Israel" (Pes. One of them said that he was as exhausted as a pig ("davar aḥer," see later), while the other said "as a kid." 2.A dysphemism is a form of rhetoric but a euphemism is not. (Far be it from us to add a snippet about bathroom dysphemisms here! Within the “Cite this article” tool, pick a style to see how all available information looks when formatted according to that style. "Euphemism and Dysphemism Urine is called "the water of the feet" (Ker. However, the date of retrieval is often important. As for the qualifiers—"it's fair to say," "compared to most people his age"—the inherent vagueness of baldness makes them reasonable. Those phrases, however, belong to the common and even vulgar vernacular. 46a). 12:5). According to the Talmud Pharaoh actually meant to say "and we shall [be forced to] go up from the land," and they will possess it, "but it is like a man who curses himself and hangs the curse on someone else" (Sot. bibliography: B. Landsberger, "Das 'gute Wort'," in: maog, 4 (1929), 294–321; M. Held, in: H. Beinart (ed. In April Fool’s News,  Cellular Assault is a dysphemism for accidentally knocking a phone on the floor. 3:24; i Sam. Since bathroom talk is considered embarrassing or, in certain circumstances, impolite, people use many expressions as replacements.Bathroom euphemisms include powder my nose, see a man about a horse, visit the facilities and wash up. This is explicitly stated in the Talmud: "One should not utter a gross expression" and examples are given of the manner in which the Bible itself employs circumlocutions to avoid the use of the word "unclean." 70a) or "turning aside" (ponim: Toh. Av. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. The third reason is based on the injunction "a man should not open his mouth to Satan" (Ber. 36:12; cf. 3. 1:10). The recourse to them is based upon various considerations. The word "last" can be understood either absolutely as refer…, IMMANUEL 4:15; 5:8) is also a kind of dysphemism which was employed because of the idolatrous worship in that place. However, if he disliked her, he’d write that she’s a warbler who caterwauls. That brings me to dysphemisms; they are the “negative” slant. Astarte). Euphemism is the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive word or term for one that is indelicate, blasphemous, or taboo. The substitution of the place name Beth-Aven ("house of iniquity") for Beth-El ("house of God"; Hos. 65b) and so on. We shall not die" for "You shall not die" (Hab. “Back to the grind” shows a negative feeling about returning to work or school, but the dysphemism turns into a euphemism when it’s said with a smile and tone of affection. Similarly it is stated that Hillel foretold of Johanan b. Zakkai (or Judah ha-Nasi of R. Johanan) that he would be an outstanding teacher in Israel because, instead of saying, as his colleague did, "we may gather olives in uncleanness," he said "we may not gather olives in cleanness," and the forecast was fulfilled (Pes. “Back to the grind” shows a negative feeling about returning to work or school, but the dysphemism turns into a euphemism when it’s said with a smile and tone of affection. For example, we spin “death” and “died” more positive or neutral by phrases like, “bought the farm,” or “he’s pushing up daisies.”  Car dealerships no longer sell “used cars” they sell “pre-owned vehicles.”. Prov. Eleven examples are given in the Mekhilta (Shirah 6) and seven in the Sifrei (Num. 84). 8:34; 9:40), are changed to Ish-Bosheth (ii Sam. Zar. IMMANUEL (Heb. ." 76b, 112b), sexual intercourse (Ber. If you like a writer, for example, you might use a euphemism and call him a creative wordsmith; on the other hand, you’d use a dysphemism and call him a hack if you don’t like his writing.If a writer promotes a specific singer, he might call her a songbird with the voice of a nightingale. Because it employs emotionally and psychologically charged language, and has no evidence to back it up, and in fact, the evidence clearly contradicts the label. Later collections of Midrash (Tanḥ. . 13:10; Shab. 6:32) later appears as Jerubbesheth (ii Sam. 26:30), and to ʿevah ("abomination"; e.g., ii Kings 23:13, "Milcom, the abomination of the Ammonites"), are comparable terms; (3) the word boshet ("shame") is substituted for ba ʿal ("lord"; originally a title for the God of Israel, but later interpreted as the name of the Canaanite god, Baal, in several personal names: the names of Saul's son, Eshbaal (i Chron.


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