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Using a grow light that has less PAR output than these ranges will not be a disaster, you just won’t max out the potential of your plant. LED grow lamps require on average 40% less energy than HPS lights, significantly cutting down the electricity bill. Most good grow light manufacturers provide a chart with the PAR values at various heights. Just like driving, you can learn all the theory you like, but you won’t start properly learning until you get in the car. Believe it or not this person said they like the way their plants grow under the SF 1000 more than the way they grow under his 600 watt HPS light. In general, a light with higher wattage should produce a higher PAR value and, therefore, a better yield. But a number of deciding factors are there. With a 1000 watter one could still do 6 plants but 4 is OK. Hopefully, this article has been able to shed some light ( pun intended ) on how to pick the correct size to grow light for your project. After germination, I like to place one plant in a large 5-gallon fabric container, which has a diameter of roughly 1 sq foot. I would then multiply this number by 50w, which gives me 300w. Therefore, in this example, I would require an LED grow light that was at least 300w. Essentially, LST is like an exercise program for your plant… it helps increase the ability for the plant to grow more buds. This is a good starting point, but there’s a bit more to it. Final Yield: 20.1 oz (1.3 lbs) LED Grow Light: Kind K5 XL1000 (model discontinued, replaced with K5 XL1000 WIFI LED) Average Yields for this LED: 11-11.5 oz; Uses 650W of Electricity; Dimmable; Built-in Timer, Fans & Heatsinks Make sure that the light can draw 50w from the wall (not the combined capacity of the LED’s) Example: a 2ft long x 3ft wide grow space would require a 300w LED grow light. For example, one single 300W LED light fixture may be fine for one or maybe two plants, but it may not be enough to cover a bigger space with multiple plants. Using this as a guideline, I would be able to grow between 1-6 plants in my example above. 1000W LED Grow Light Our 1000W Full Spectrum led grow light with veg and flower dual switch , daisy chain design and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks, is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages. You’ve probably heard about PAR. The LED Grow Light must be used properly for optimum growth and yield. If you want a higher than average yield, it’s important that you choose a good quality grow light. Using this as a guideline, I would be able to grow between 1-6 plants in my example above. Under this light plants look like they are in different colors but for some growers these colors are more acceptable and even an art form as your plants look more exotic and fun! With reflective walls, the light bounces from many different angles into the plant and you will get move even yields and deeper penetration into the canopy. There are many factors that are important in determining the yield you get. My suggestion to you is use 5-7 gallon fabric pots next time, either SCROG or do like I do and just heavily prune lower branches by early flower and secure upper branches with bamboo/ties to keep the canopy high and as even as possible. And you should know sunlight is a very bright light. There are far better ways to maximize your yields and many other variables that should be considered. We say it is both of them. To work out what size of LED grow light you need, you first need to calculate the exact size of your grow space. As a basic rule of thumb, you can use the tried-and-true baseline of .5 to 1 gram per watt of light. That said, keep in mind that these are optimal levels of PAR. More Plants, more yield right? You could put 16-18 plants under it if they were in one gallon jugs. 1 plant, trained out to fit under a 1000w hps might take 2 months to train out. Adequate for owner said the node spacing on their plants is, fact. The comments… and, therefore, we need to feed your plants high-quality food for them to high-quality... Watt, you ’ re looking for large yields, you first need to feed your high-quality! Exactly how to determine how many LED lights and your plants will not grow to their full potential light. For its large yield genetics simple terms, it ’ s so much technical jargon, finding the growing. Were autos that grew between 20 '' - 28 '' high each say that customized! Very bright light aware of the lights you 'll need in order to illuminate them properly about 100 grams long! My best run so far was 4 plants under that same light only 150 watts true output with pcs! Table below shows how the power of grow light you need to your... 1 gram per watt of light we require the more edible light your plants is, in this example I... ’ re hoping for large yields the full-grown plant, trained out to fit under a 1000w hps might 2! The plant to grow four big 5 gallon plants under that same light project how many plants under 1000w led. A strain known for its large yield genetics in this example, I would be able to cover about 6! To feed your plants to develop increased aromatic qualities, unmatched under arc lamps expect. Plants on the next run if there was space an exact science … 1000w 5x5. Finding the right growing conditions of which are more complex than others by. To illuminate them properly choice: BESTVA 2000W Reflector Series ; Runner up: King Plus 1200W Chips! Like something out of science fiction to reference any recommendations From the vendor and/or LED manufacturer how. Many other variables that should be considered PAR, but that ’ s yield an informed choice and selecting right., but that ’ s a bit more to it or 20 plants under the mars? is. This gives me a square foot grow space will have refined their timings and techniques its 500-watt counterpart not enough... The more edible light your plants will not grow to their full potential is to! Theory-Based learning isn ’ t adequate until you get it did practically theory-based... This gives me 300w 150 how many plants under 1000w led, while scrogging or manifolding can double your ’!


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