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Best Beginner Telescope For Viewing Planets Celestron PowerSeeker 60EQ Telescope. Best Beginner Telescope – Entry Level Reviews For Enthusiastic Noobs – 2020 There's nothing more humbling or awe-inspiring than gazing up at the night sky. Whatever your age, and height, you can comfortably observe the night sky with the Portable Refractor Telescope … The telescope is designed with a flexible tripod that can be adjusted for all heights ranging from kids to tall adults. The best telescopes for viewing planets like Saturn and Jupiter will have a longer focal length – for good magnification and a narrow field of you – as well as higher aperture – which will … This telescope to watch planets is the perfect choice for everyone who is just starting to … Gskyer Astronomical Refractor Telescope Review. Perfect For Beginners. This Gskyer refractor telescope features a 2.76” (70mm) aperture and focal length of 400mm (focal ratio f/5.7). The aperture is large enough to allow for a reasonable amount of light collection, which yields clear, detailed images of the Moon and allows you to view planets … The Portable Refractor Telescope form Occer is designed to be the best telescope for beginners of all ages. Taking a look at the stars and other celestial bodies through a telescope …


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